2016 Ghosts of the Sagebrush Tour: Mono Lake Cemetery, Voices from the Past

95 people attended the Mono Inn dinner on Friday August 19, and 70 came on Saturday, the next day, to hear speakers at the Mono Lake Cemetery.  Thanks to all who volunteered and spoke.  This year we shared intriguing historical information and/or stories about just a few of the people and families in the Mono Lake Cemetery, particularly their connections to the Mono Lake Basin.


Friday, August 19, dinner at the Mono Inn

Lundy and Jordan cemeteries, by Linda LaPierre; Kit Carson’s daughter’s grave by Barry

McPherson.  Plus, a very special guest from the past, Frank Cassidy, Sr., portrayed by his son, Nick Cassidy.

 Saturday, August 20 at the Mono Lake Cemetery

TRIBUTE TO NORM DECHAMBEAU – by Linda LaPierre and Cole Hawkins

Family History talks: DeChambeau by NOEL DECHAMBEAU; Banta by RITA BANTA; Gus Hess by ALAN BLAVER; Lou Williams, Harriet Blackmer, Harriett Hess, by VINECA HESS, HEIDI HESS; Veterans Memorial, LILY MATHIEU Filosena and LaBraque, by, ROBIN MATHIEU; Adair, by TOM PARANICK; Calhoun and Murphey, by JOHN MURPHEY; Carrington, by MIKE CARRINGTON


At the Mono Basin Scenic Area Visitor Center theater, historic video filmed by Jack Preston of Mono County, presented by BARRY MCPHERSON