• Photo of DeChambeau Ranch

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Accession 1997.409


  • L.W. DeChambeau skis and pole

DeChambeau skis and pole; Accession 1998.42

Pair of 9' x 4"  wooden skis handcrafted by Louis Winslow DeChambeau at DeChambeau Ranch, Mono Lake in 1919 for his son Darius' 15th birthday; One ski pole 7' long

Misplaced in a garage attic in Bridgeport, CA for 50 years. Found again in 1997


  • Photo with Herbert DeChambeau

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Accesssion 2000.446

B/W photo mounted on cardboard; Mono Lake School (1896) showing 20 students and one teacher standing on porch of the school. List of students right to left: "Alice Currie, M McKnight, James Currie, A Nay, M. McKnight, Isbel Nay, 2 McGhans, Miss Frerneman, W. Currie; Seated on porch left to right: Filosena, Alice Sylvester, Nay, Herbert DeChambeau, Currie. standing: Bert Lundy; seated on rock: Orvis Nay"


  • L.W. DeChambeau skis
DeChambeau skis; Accession 2000.448

DeChambeau skis; Accession 2000.448

Handcrafted Skis made by Louis DeChambeau on the DeChambeau Ranch, Mono Lake area. Skis were used by Thomas Browne to carry mail between Lee Vining, Conway Ranch, and Bridgeport about 1933

Found in rafters over the Tamarack Mine cook shed by Norm DeChambeau, who suggeted they be donated to a history museum


  • L.W. DeChambeau skis

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Accession: 2012.536

Miniature hand carved wood skis 9" long, made by Louis DeChambeau for Fern Currie


  • Photos of DeChambeaus, Curries, McKenzies

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Accession 2013.546

B/W photo of Mary (Currie) DeChambeau & Louis Winslow DeChambeau holding pet pig and cat at DeChambeau Ranch, approx. 1920s; B/W photo of DeChambeau Ranch, 1920s; B/W photo of Anna Currie, Mary (Currie) DeChambeau, Annie (DeChambeau) McKenzie and daughters; B/W photo of Mary (Currie) DeChambeau at DeChambeau Ranch, 1922


  • Letter to Arthur DeChambeau

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Accession 2014.08

Letter from California Saw Works to Arthur DeChambeau, dated Nov 8, 1935. Found at the DeChambeau Ranch in the 1990s


  • Photo of Arthur DeChambeau

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Accession 2014.09

Photo of Arthur DeChambeau holding a rifle


  • Photo of Annie, Violet, Darius DeChambeau

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Accession 2015.07.12

B/W photo of a woman, children, and dog on a ranch. Description: "Darius, Violet, and Annie DeChambeau"


  • Photo of Annie, Violet, Darius DeChambeau, and Mary Currie

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Accession 2015.07.15

B/W photo of a woman with two children on a burro. A woman stands off to the left. Description: "Annie Dechambeau. Violet and Darius and mother - Mono Lake"